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  • Halloween, day before!

  • Should We Celebrate Halloween?

    "Halloween is one of the strangest holidays mankind celebrates. It is an amazing paradox, an unusual mixture of Christian terms and ancient pagan religious rites. Music by Randy Vild The Truth About Halloween: "
    -from wikipedia.."...The title of the novel refers to a scientist who learns how to create life and creates a being in the likeness of man, but larger than average and more powerful. In modern popular culture,..."
  • Frankenstein - By: Mary Shelley, Diane Johnson Random House, Inc / 1991 / Paperback from

  • -Theatre
  • Young Frankenstein The Musical A New York entertainment site with great resources for events and venues including Young Frankenstein The Musical information from

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    Christians Who Don't Keep Easter

    "Easter is considered the most sacred of all Christian celebrations. In some places in Central and South America, worshippers will be nailed to a cross to share in the suffering of Jesus. In the United States, most people enjoy the traditional easter egg hunt and participate in a church service. Did you know that there are Christians who refuse to observe easter? Why would a Christian not keep easter? We are going to talk to Christians who don't keep easter on Beyond Today."

  • Easter Online, from kidsturncentral
  • Easter Stories and Articles from Joyful Heart Renewal Ministries
  • History of Easter, from
  • Is Easter Mentioned in the Bible, from
  • Passion: Movie Reflection, from GoodnewsUMM
  • Resurrection, from Christian Answers
  • Easter Bunny
  • Easter Egggs, from twilightbridge (

    To: dad (6/20/04)
    From: Vador, your son

    "Thank you dad for everything you've done, already do, and will do for me at times I don't deserve it. Sorry, for the many times I don't show it, but I pray that you'll see the fruit of the hard work you've done with me. Happy Father's Day-not just yesterday, not just today, not just tomorrow, but every day!"

    I'll never forget one of your sayings-"For the Father's Day Tribute (KTIS 98.5 FM), here is my memorable saying from my loving Filipino dad:

    "Look at the positive side of people instead of their negative side, this will help you get along with everybody-this is what keeps your mom and I together (have been married close to 35+ years-praise God!)"

    Son that is greatful to my Heavenly Father for my earthly dad, Salamat po with Christ's love,


  • Tributes to Dad, from Christianity Today
  • Gift Ideas

  • Bible-Covers Store, other cool stuff!

  • Feast of Tabernacles
  • Hanukkah, from Jews for Jesus

  • *see Bible


    Candy Cane

  • Candymaker's Witness, from Christian Poems and Stories
  • Christmas Symbols, from "Go to the Bible"
  • History of Candy Cane, from noel, noel, noel
  • Holiday

  • True Meaning of Christmas, on Babylonian influencey by yashanet
  • Why December 25th?, Roman influence
  • A Holiday Interview With The Devil

    "What does the devil think about Christmas? The answer may surprise you. Watch this funny interview to get the whole story. Starring Peter Malof and Caitlin Wehrle."

    Independence Day-July 4th

    Memorial Day

    Mother's Day



  • Ireland and Irish Celebrate St. Patricks worldwide, from faith and values
  • St. Patricks' Online, from kidsturncentral
  • Who Was St. Patrick?, from riverdeep-educators

    Are You Thankful? Part I

    "Do you take the time to give God thanks for the small things in your life? Weather things are going your way? This is what Apostle Billy R. Clay Sr. is teaching about, thanking God for everthing! Not just waiting for Thanksgiving or other family holidays. Feel free to contact us: Overcomers Tabernacle of Faith & Praise, Inc. 1428 Spooner Road Douglas, Ga 31533 (912)384-6393"


    Card by e-mail

  • Valetine Cards with Scripture, from Crossdaily
  • History

  • Celebrating Valentines Day, a history outlook
  • Kids

  • A Valentine to Jesus, why do you love Him?


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  • American Holidays,
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
  • Global-Multicultural



  • Warner Press
  • Cultural

  • Holidays Around The World, from
  • Online Education World Holidays, from

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    Deliver Gifts

    locate flower shop
    woodlandflowers (woodbury)

  • Sparrows Bundle it up

  • "..Now you, too, can show your appreciation to those you love by sending thoughtful, personalized gifts for any special occasion. All of Debbie's gift baskets and cards are created with a loving heart and an attention to detail. Let the moment take their breath away!..

  • Historical by His-Net
  • Ministry Resources for New Year and Valentine
  • -Online E-Cards

  • Day Spring
  • ESL

  • Self-Study Holiday & Other Quizzes, from
  • Music

    Holiday, Green Day

    " green day music video"

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